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As a natural approach to coping plant growth, maintaining soil health and improving plant nutrient intake, the application of biofungicides products is increasing in a variety of environmentally friendly markets. Biobactericides not only help protect growing crops, but also exhibit long-term conservation activities during post-harvest storage and transportation.

Transition to sustainable agriculture
The surge in demand for organic products is growing not only due to an increase in health-related consumers, but also due to increased purchasing power and strengthened agricultural practices that make organic crops healthier. As a result, the growing demand for organic foods around the world is expanding the area of ??organic farming, which is expected to drive the biobacterial market during the forecast period. Strict government protocols for the use of chemical-based crop protection products also contribute significantly to overall growth.

The market report details all of the following points and provides market trends based on analysis.
? The biobactericide market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15% higher during the forecast period (2020-2028).
? The biobacterial agent market is classified by type (microbial species and plants), application method (foliar spray, soil treatment, seed treatment, etc.), type (Bacillus, Trichoderma, Streptomyces, Pseudomonas), and crop type (cereals). , Grains, oil seeds, legumes, fruits, vegetables, etc.). The report describes the growth opportunities for each segment and the factors that drive growth. In addition, YoY Growth (%) Revenue (USD Million Units) is included in the report along with the factors driving market growth in each segment.
?? バイオ殺菌剤市場における業界のリーダーはBASF SE、Bayer AG、Syngenta AG、Nufarm、FMC Corporation、Novozymes、Marrone Bio Innovations、Koppert Biological Systems、Isagro S.P.A、Bioworks Inc.などです。これらの各主要企業のプロファイルは、会社の財務、収益、収益と分析、バリューチェーン分析、その他のパラメーターを提供します。




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